Terms and conditions

Sale Terms
By purchasing a ticket at dalurinn.is. You agree to our sale terms.
1.Please check your order carefully for any errors or mistake. After you complete your purchase its final.
2.After purchasing a ticket through the internet at dalurinn.is you have 14 days to call the order off and get full a refund. However, if you buy a ticket and the festival is within the time mentioned above you can not get your refund nor can you get it changed for other events. The only exception to the refund rule would be if the festival gets cancelled due to very bad weather.
3.Tickets will be sent to the buyers e-mail address  when payment has been confirmed. 
4.We take no responsibility for the festival being canceled due to unmanageable causes for example, natural disasters or storm.
5.Festival tickets do not guarantee transportation to or from the island. No refunds for festival tickets will be made if transportations fail to get you to your destination.
6. If ticket is sold on, in terms of profit for anybody other than those how make this event possible. If this is the case dalurinn.is has the right to invalid the ticket and refuse the ticket holder entrance.
7.During special events buyers can pruchase a limited number of tickets. Dalurinn.is reserves the right to cancel tikets purchased in excess of number.
8.Ticket sellers nor people connected to the event do not take any more responsibility than giving law. Such as injury and other damages at the event.
9.The event is the responsibility of those who are relative to the festival not dalurinn.is
10.Relatives to the festival and dalurinn.is do not take any responsibility to any personal belongings of guests during the event.
Keep your ticket‘s at a save place, like you would keep money or other valuable things. Dalurinn.is does not take any responsibility of inconvenience due to fake or copied tickets. If this is the case the relatives of the festival can and will refuse all holders of those tickets entrance to the festival side. And can make the persone responsible for making the fake tickets, pay for every fake ticket found.
Dates and timings of events could change without notice.
Please note to take good care of your ticket. Lost ticket is lost money.